Client Testimonials

“My husband and I found the perfect realtor when we found Arnie. He knows the entire area and it’s history. He also knows agricultural land; which we wanted. And he found us the perfect fit. He is active and loved in his community. In Arnie we found an honest person and a good friend.” ~ Ali and Tina Shahroody

“I want a small coffee farm, liveable house, and here’s what I can afford.” A check of current listings didn’t produce a winner, but a few weeks later, Arnie called about a property that had fallen out of escrow with a now highly motivated seller. Bingo! Arnie patiently got documents I wanted, negotiated with the seller, guided my review of Hawaii property law language, and we had a deal. About five years later, it was “Arnie, I want a small condo, in a liveable neighborhood, and here’s what I can afford.” We visited just about every condo on the market, getting closer to recognizing what I did and did not want in condo living. Arnie urged me to see I place I hadn’t warmed to based on the pictures. He was right because this condo was for me. Again, Arnie guided me through the purchase process, and I’ve been one happy camper. This is not all, folks: Arnie also found two upscale homes—both excellent values— for other family members, and found other farm property during this time for us. We haven’t sold property during this time but Arnie’s the man to whom I would turn for searching, for having the networks to find the extra good values before they get into MLS, and I feel confident, for selling for me when the time comes. Loclal knowledge, yes! Working for YOU, well, Arnie is magic.” ~ Lois-ellin

“Thanks to Arnie’s patience, perseverance, and professionalism, my wife and I finally found our “piece of the rock”. We have visited family on the Big Island to help with the coffee harvest for over 25 years and have probably been looking at houses for 20! Whenever there, we would look at a house here or a farm there or a piece of property somewhere else. Arnie would do the research, provide information, set up appointments, accompany us when he could and generally tolerate us mainland “looky-loos”. When we finally found a house that we liked and could (almost) afford, Arnie skillfully guided us through the negotiations and subsequent purchase. Thanks to Arnie, we are now the proud owners of a lovely home in South Kona that will soon be our full-time residence. Mahalo Nui Loa for your assistance, Arnie! We gladly recommend Arnie and Kona Property as our real estate professionals of choice! Aloha!” ~ D.A. “Clyde” Boysen Director, Technical Services DecoPac, Inc

“Arnie met our needs for a new home location in a superb way. We have been more than satisfied with the wonderful service he provided us as a realtor. We are impressed with his positive involvement in the community which he serves continuously. ~ Brenda and Larry Ford”

A Real Estate Concern Hawaii Inc. ~ Arnold Rabin is the Principle Broker of A Real Estate Concern of -Hawaii Inc  . He is a member of the Kona, Hawaii, Honolulu and National Association Of Realtors. He has owned an organic farm in Kona for 37 years where he grows the best coffee in the known universe. He has specialized in selling coffee farms since 1980 when he opened his own office, A Real Estate Concern of Hawai Inc.  When he is not selling or writing, he is a part time professional magician, active community member, and father of three coffee pickers.